Thursday, January 29, 2009

Way Out False Lashes

Maybe it's me, maybe I'm crazy. Or perhaps I'm just extra sensitive to women and their persona; how they present themselves in public. Have you noticed lately, women of all ages walking around doing the most mundane things like grocery shopping and going to work, with 10 INCH FALSE EYELASHES? Okay I'm exaggerating about 10 inches, but that's how it appears. The thing that makes these lashes look totally ridiculous, is the fact that most of these women have on no other make up! If they had on some other make on, these lashes might not look so exaggerated and crazy. But they look like they have a shaggy rug extended from their eyelids! Carol Channing, Liza Minelli, Tammy Faye, these women accrued some fame and notoriety for their 10 inch lashes. In other words, they got paid for looking way over the top. They also wore a full face of makeup to go with the wind shield washer lashes.

And Lord knows, I hope years down the road, there's not some announcement about how using that lash glue causes some kind of eye problems, like blindness! This glue allows these lashes to stay on for up to a month! Kind of scary.

If any of these women are your sisters, friends, cousins, co-workers, neighbors, please pull their coat and let them know, they've missed the boat. Encourage them to go to qualified professionals like Khamit Kinks who has some sense of ethics and who will advise them on the appropriate length and thickness of lash, for not only their face, but their lifestyle.

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