Thursday, January 29, 2009

Head to Toes

I have always felt that a woman should look good and feel good from head to toes. Which brings me to the topic of toes. I'll admit, I have a foot fetish and this came about after many years of having a shoe fetish. But then it dawned on me, why should I have a fetish about something that hurts me? Where will Jimmy Choo be when you're suffering with with corns, bunions, and hammer toes?

Did you know that foot models don't wear shoes and they are carried everywhere they go... Ever notice that men never complain of their feet hurting (they wear sensible shoes), yet they are the primary designers of women's shoes! It is so sad that most women care nothing of their feet, only their pedicure.

Can I tell you? how many shoes I've given away over the years, because they hurt! Too many to count. A waste of money... Fast forward to present day, I am a real Birkie girl. Yes, Birkenstocks, and as my niece will tell you, I will wear Birkenstocks with a ball gown! These are my summer shoes of freedom. In the winter, I rock MBT's. Yeah, I know, all my shoes are ugly, but hey, my feet are happy. I've got Happy Feet! You know, those same feet that will be with me my whole life long.

I have many pairs of Birkenstocks some are up to 12 years old. They are all the same style, but in different colors and finishes; leather, patent leather, from pink to black and all colors in-between. Too many women in our society have jacked up feet and they weren't born with jacked up feet, they jacked their own feet up with ill-fitting shoes.

Ever notice that when your feet hurt nothing else matters? That's because your feet house hundreds of nerve endings that lead to all your major organs. In the over 300 bones in your body a quarter of them are in your feet.

What's my point? Take care of your feet so you'll be able to continue to walk tall instead of hobbling down the road in your latest fab do!

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