Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting to the Root- Cellfood Silica

Contrary to appearances, I was not one the lucky ones born with really thick hair, strong nails, or gorgeous skin. I had to work on all that through diet, exercise, lifestyle and supplements. Despite all my work, one thing that has worsened for me over the years has been my nails. They were always thin and could tear as easily as paper. And as you may well know, hair, skin, nails are all connected, need the same nutrients to thrive and are very visible indicators of health or the lack there of.

But happily I have found something that is working to strengthen my nails and I suppose that my hair, bones, teeth and skin will benefit as well. I was desperate! I was at the point where I was considering trying to track down some Knox Gelatin. Remember that! Well you may be too young, but long, long ago, women use to drink this gelatin formula called Knox to grow long, strong nails.

However, I’ve come across a much better solution. What I’ve found is natural and can be easily purchased at your local Vitamin Shoppe. It’s called Essential Cell Food Silica. I’ve been using it for only a month and my nails have made quite a noticeable change. They are not tearing or breaking off at the quick. The ridges they once had, have disappeared, and if I don’t make to the manicurist within 7 days, they no longer look like I’ve been trying to claw my way out of a ditch.

At first I started taking Silica tablets. But I found that most people don’t assimilate Silica that well in the table form. The CellFood Silica is liquid and is immediately assimilated into the blood stream, making for instant absorption. This essential nutrient is good for hair, nails, bones, joints, teeth, muscles, flexibility etc. And as we age the amount of Silica stored in the body diminishes each year, now there's an effective way of replenishing this essential mineral.

Remember this is the hibernation season, the time that you pamper, nourish, and replenish yourself after the hectic run around of spring and summer. Get plenty of rest, take your supplements, meditate, do your yoga, so that when spring comes back around, you’ll have that bounce in your step you’ll need to carry out your plans. And try Cellfood Essential Silica to help your nourish your hair and beyond.

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