Thursday, January 29, 2009

Have Fun Improving Your Memory

Posit Science is a cutting edge company that's dramatically changing lives with their software programs that improve memory. I first heard of Posit Science when it was first featured on a fund drive for WBAI. I immediately called up and pledged to receive a discount on Posit Science. See, I knew I needed something because I was constantly looking for my keys, my glasses, trying to remember the name of the person I just met two minutes ago! Some times I would even forget where I parked my car! Now that’s pretty bad.

Some say that it's not that our memories are fading, it’s that we’re doing too many things at one time. We’re doing one thing while thinking about five other things. The light has been shed on multi-tasking and it’s no longer touted as something to be proud of. However, most of us are still multi-tasking despite the downside of this way of functioning. We’re driving while talking on our cell, composing an email while taking on the phone. These are not good habits for memory, because you’re not totally present in any one task.

The other reason for memory loss is that like any muscle the brain requires exercising. When I began using my Posit Science the first thing I realized is that you cannot do anything else while on the Posit Science program, it requires 100% focused attention. Let your mind wander off somewhere else for just a second and your scores will reflect this. But it’s not a competition. It’s about keen listening. And it’s really a lot of fun. So if you’ve been wondering how you can improve your memory, check out Posit Science. It is a great and fun way to improve memory at any age. Of course it’s not cheap, but what is your brainpower worth? Check it out, if not for yourself, perhaps for a loved one.

Winter Blues...

In the perfect world that I imagine, the seasons fluctuate between late spring and mid-summer and back again. You know, those times of the year when it’s easy to look and feel both beautiful and inspired. Those warm seasons that cause your skin to glow, you’re sun kissed, and all things wonderful seem possible. But alas, we have four seasons and we have to deal with each accordingly.

Back to life, back to reality, it’s winter. During this season one primary routine is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. During this season my skin can have the tendency to feel dry and look ashy. So I pile on my Anu’s Body Butter and chuck down lots of skin boosting supplements. Mulit-vitamins, extra A and E vitamins, Omega 3 Fish oil capsules and sprinkle on the flaxseeds.

I try to keep it positive. I make an effort to refrain from talking bad about the winter. I try to minimize the amount of times I say I’m cold. I wear skin clinging thermals, wool socks and layers of clothing and of course think warm thoughts. I carry lotion in my car and my handbags.

I know there are people that actually like and enjoy cold weather and the winter season. That’s beyond my realm of comprehension. I’d like to know what do you do the stave off the winter blues and it’s effects? Let me know.

Getting to the Root- Cellfood Silica

Contrary to appearances, I was not one the lucky ones born with really thick hair, strong nails, or gorgeous skin. I had to work on all that through diet, exercise, lifestyle and supplements. Despite all my work, one thing that has worsened for me over the years has been my nails. They were always thin and could tear as easily as paper. And as you may well know, hair, skin, nails are all connected, need the same nutrients to thrive and are very visible indicators of health or the lack there of.

But happily I have found something that is working to strengthen my nails and I suppose that my hair, bones, teeth and skin will benefit as well. I was desperate! I was at the point where I was considering trying to track down some Knox Gelatin. Remember that! Well you may be too young, but long, long ago, women use to drink this gelatin formula called Knox to grow long, strong nails.

However, I’ve come across a much better solution. What I’ve found is natural and can be easily purchased at your local Vitamin Shoppe. It’s called Essential Cell Food Silica. I’ve been using it for only a month and my nails have made quite a noticeable change. They are not tearing or breaking off at the quick. The ridges they once had, have disappeared, and if I don’t make to the manicurist within 7 days, they no longer look like I’ve been trying to claw my way out of a ditch.

At first I started taking Silica tablets. But I found that most people don’t assimilate Silica that well in the table form. The CellFood Silica is liquid and is immediately assimilated into the blood stream, making for instant absorption. This essential nutrient is good for hair, nails, bones, joints, teeth, muscles, flexibility etc. And as we age the amount of Silica stored in the body diminishes each year, now there's an effective way of replenishing this essential mineral.

Remember this is the hibernation season, the time that you pamper, nourish, and replenish yourself after the hectic run around of spring and summer. Get plenty of rest, take your supplements, meditate, do your yoga, so that when spring comes back around, you’ll have that bounce in your step you’ll need to carry out your plans. And try Cellfood Essential Silica to help your nourish your hair and beyond.

Head to Toes

I have always felt that a woman should look good and feel good from head to toes. Which brings me to the topic of toes. I'll admit, I have a foot fetish and this came about after many years of having a shoe fetish. But then it dawned on me, why should I have a fetish about something that hurts me? Where will Jimmy Choo be when you're suffering with with corns, bunions, and hammer toes?

Did you know that foot models don't wear shoes and they are carried everywhere they go... Ever notice that men never complain of their feet hurting (they wear sensible shoes), yet they are the primary designers of women's shoes! It is so sad that most women care nothing of their feet, only their pedicure.

Can I tell you? how many shoes I've given away over the years, because they hurt! Too many to count. A waste of money... Fast forward to present day, I am a real Birkie girl. Yes, Birkenstocks, and as my niece will tell you, I will wear Birkenstocks with a ball gown! These are my summer shoes of freedom. In the winter, I rock MBT's. Yeah, I know, all my shoes are ugly, but hey, my feet are happy. I've got Happy Feet! You know, those same feet that will be with me my whole life long.

I have many pairs of Birkenstocks some are up to 12 years old. They are all the same style, but in different colors and finishes; leather, patent leather, from pink to black and all colors in-between. Too many women in our society have jacked up feet and they weren't born with jacked up feet, they jacked their own feet up with ill-fitting shoes.

Ever notice that when your feet hurt nothing else matters? That's because your feet house hundreds of nerve endings that lead to all your major organs. In the over 300 bones in your body a quarter of them are in your feet.

What's my point? Take care of your feet so you'll be able to continue to walk tall instead of hobbling down the road in your latest fab do!

Camel Pose

In this pose known as the Camel pose there are endless benefits. Some of the obvious benefits that it offers is the opening of the throat, heart, and chest. Symbolically and literally these types of back bending poses have the ability to not only open you to the world but it also has the ability to engender flexibility towards change.Some times we need a change and just want to do something different - you know, switch it up. It may be something as simple as choosing a new shade of lip gloss, trying a new hairstyle, or something as big as changing our entire image! Perhaps you want a new beauty regime, need a new exercise program or vitamin boost. Or if you have any other questions related to mind, body, and spirit and you're looking for a concerned but objective voice, just Ask Anu.

Way Out False Lashes

Maybe it's me, maybe I'm crazy. Or perhaps I'm just extra sensitive to women and their persona; how they present themselves in public. Have you noticed lately, women of all ages walking around doing the most mundane things like grocery shopping and going to work, with 10 INCH FALSE EYELASHES? Okay I'm exaggerating about 10 inches, but that's how it appears. The thing that makes these lashes look totally ridiculous, is the fact that most of these women have on no other make up! If they had on some other make on, these lashes might not look so exaggerated and crazy. But they look like they have a shaggy rug extended from their eyelids! Carol Channing, Liza Minelli, Tammy Faye, these women accrued some fame and notoriety for their 10 inch lashes. In other words, they got paid for looking way over the top. They also wore a full face of makeup to go with the wind shield washer lashes.

And Lord knows, I hope years down the road, there's not some announcement about how using that lash glue causes some kind of eye problems, like blindness! This glue allows these lashes to stay on for up to a month! Kind of scary.

If any of these women are your sisters, friends, cousins, co-workers, neighbors, please pull their coat and let them know, they've missed the boat. Encourage them to go to qualified professionals like Khamit Kinks who has some sense of ethics and who will advise them on the appropriate length and thickness of lash, for not only their face, but their lifestyle.