Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The P90X Challenge

I have been exercising all my adult life. But my weight has been inching up little by little despite the fact that I was going to the “Y” three times a week. Over the years I’ve done a number of things to stay fit. In my college days I used to jog and somehow wreaked my knees. So I moved into power walking and bicycling. During the cold months I either belonged to a gym or workout at home with videotapes and then DVDs. Throughout all this I continued to practice my yoga on alternate days.

Since the weight has become an issue despite my efforts I decided to ratchet it up a notch or two. A client told me her transformation was due to the DVD series called P90X (a.k.a. BEACH BODY). I less concerned about having a beach body. My interest is to be able to continue to wear the clothes I already have in my wardrobe! So I ordered P90X. It was either that or hire a personal trainer (which wasn’t fitting into the budget).

Apparently, P90X is for those who are already in tip-top shape and just want to pop it up to the top level. As I was reading the “Read This First” manual", (of course I hadn't read it first) it stated the best way to do P90X was to first complete one of their other series. Well good to know, after I’ve already spent my money. The website didn’t say that! Apparently, you’re supposed to start with P90 or Slim or any of their other programs, first.

I decided to go forward with what I already ordered. The premise of the program is built around the idea of muscle confusion. Let me tell you I was so worn out, after the second day, the muscle that was most confused was the one between my ears! There are 12 different DVDs and you do one each day in sequential order. You have one day off a week. After 90 days you’re either transformed, you’ve died or you’ve quit. Well the only option for me is transformation. I’m settling for nothing less. I’ve been actually making it through these workouts. During the sessions they do remind you to take breaks as you need them and use the size weight that will allow you to build muscle and have good form throughout. In other words, "don't over do it"! So with that and not allowing your ego to get the best of you, you can make it through.

The thing that had me wondering publicly whether anyone had died from doing P90X (I asked this on my Face Book page) is the segment called Plyometrics (jump training). Oh my God! It was so intense! But the thing was it was so much fun to do. It’s all these weird football training kind of moves. My heart was pumping so loud; I could hear it in my ears. So after each exercise I would put the pause button on, wait until my heart rate went back down and got back with it. I am loving the challenge, the simple but effective and very unique moves.

The other part of this is diet. They offer two manuals, which are pretty informative. One is all about a recommended diet. You don’t have to follow it, but you definitely have to make sure you’re getting the recommended nutritional requirements to keep up with this program. You’ll need to be ingesting plenty of protein and supplements. Of course they bombard you with advertisements about their protein drink and energy bars etc. I’ve decided I’m not buying any of their products at this time.

Before you begin P90X you’re suppose to take your measurements, take your resting heart beat, take your BEFORE photos. Then after ninety days you have something to compare it to. If I’m still alive I’ll let you guys know it goes. I’ll check back in at the 30-day mark. Check out some funny video about this on Google.


  1. GOOD LUCK, ANU!!! I'll be working in solidarity with you. I'll let you know where I am in 30 days. I work out at least 6 days a week and I'm in the zone about 20-35 minutes each workout. A couple of days I burned about 700 calories. This included counting calories during my 10 minute cool down after hot yoga. Some days my heart rate is still up and I burn another 57 calories. So, hopefully I'll see some difference in 30 days.

  2. Hi! I actually just finished my 1st week on P90X. It's pretty intense! I was sore through this whole week. Good luck and have fun with it!

  3. I'm sure that this is not necessarily supposed to be funny, but your entry is hilarious! "P90X" alone soundes intimidating. I'd think that it was a game for the XBOX had I not read this! If it proves to be worthy, maybe I'll give it a try too. One question though - Do the excercises require a lot of space to perform? My apt is really small....not much room to do more than one step to the left or right....

  4. Ai, I have been thinking about you all day. I am happy to hear that your ribs are "just bruised". I don't know you that long but I know you are a woman of strength so I do believe you will be quick on your feet. Still, I have to say, please take it easy girl, take it easy.

    Much love,