Monday, March 9, 2009

A bit of a set back

As you guys know, there’s nothing like setting a concrete goal for yourself and then having some event beyond your control come along and derail your intentions or at least your time line. That is what happened to me this weekend. I had a goal of doing 90 days of P90X because by the beginning of the summer I wanted to be able to fit easily in my colorful summer clothes and not look like it was a struggle to get them on.

Saturday night I was in mid-town Manhattan, off to meet up for dinner with a couple of wonderful Sisters I had met at the Landmark Forum. As I was crossing the street, I literally went from being up right to being face down in the middle of the street. The concept of a "slap down" took on a whole new meaning for me. I mean usually when you’re falling it kind of happens in slow motion. You see and feel yourself falling and all kinds of thoughts are going through your head about how you don’t want to fall, how can you break the fall etc.

I didn’t have that luxury. I was walking kind of briskly and the next thing I knew I was lifting my head up off the street to see if any cars were coming at me. It was amazing, it was like a movie set. Because there I was, in middle of the street, 8th Avenue in NYC on a Saturday night (8:30 pm) two blocks from Madison Square Garden, Port Authority, and not one car was headed in my direction as I lay splattered in the middle of the street. It had to be an act of divine intervention; had to be! BTW, I tripped when my foot got tangled up in my baggy legged pants… I didn't have on my MBT's. I was trying to look light and airy that day, so I had on a pair of Puma's instead. I keep wondering if I had had on my MBT's (the AntiShoe)if this would have never happened???

You know how it is when you fall in public and you immediately jump up thinking if I get up fast enough, I can minimize my embarrassment by pretending that I didn’t really fall, and that no one saw me fall and we can all pretend like it really didn’t happen. Well I was so utterly stunned, I mean seriously in shock and in so much pain I couldn’t make that leap up. I laid there looking towards the direction of the “should be on coming traffic”. I was thinking all the while though, I’m in so much pain and this is so shocking, I wish I could just lay here for at least five minutes or until the ambulance arrives. But at the same time, I began peeling myself up off the asphalt.

Finally one of the oblivious New Yorkers started coming towards me, a young man asking if I was okay. I was moving in slow motion as the pain was wracking my body, but still he wasn’t moving fast enough to help me up. It was as though he didn’t want to get to close, not close enough to actually give me a hand. He’s a New Yorker, he’s got to keep his distance, I guess??? I made it up and across the street, still no cars. That was weird!

It felt as though the majority of the impact happened in my left breast, as if my left breast had imploded. But when I put my hand in my bra it was still in tact. Long story short, no long story long I didn’t make to the hospital until today (day and a half later). Rocky suggested that my breast probably didn’t implode but that my ribs were possibly fractured. The Physicians assistant at the hospital told me that my ribs were probably just bruised. And even if they were broken, the treatment is the same, pain killers is all they could do for me.

My breast hurts, my ribs hurt especially when I move forward to get up or backwards to lay down. My back hurts, my left wrist, and my right fingers and my left knee has a knot of pain on it. In addition, I am short of breath especially after climbing the stairs. All this to say, “P90X” will have to wait but hopefully no longer than a week. I’m considering this little set back a test of my determination. I will be getting back to my P90X ASAP. I miss it already. Rocky is continuing to do it. He’s actually fascinated by the program. Stay tuned for the next chapter.


  1. Girl! I am glad that you weren't hurt worse than you are. So glad that no cars were coming!!! The universe trying to get your attention or something? Did you have a breakthrough?

    Speedy recovery!!


  2. Wow, Anu! Thank divine intervention no cars were coming. Take care of you. Keeping you in light and love for a speedy recovery.