Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jewelry Madness

My love affair with jewelry began innocently enough many years ago (when I was in my twenties) and then grew into a full-blown obsession. It got so bad that seven months ago I took what was supposed to be a year’s hiatus from purchasing jewelry. But recently, (seven months later) I fell off the wagon. I’ll tell you more on that topic later.

Over the years I have bought jewelry, out grown it, became bored with it and passed it on, only to acquire more baubles and beads. My taste in jewelry ranges from the subtle to the fierce and I enjoy the array of options. I just accept that on different days I have different vibes and I let my jewelry express the mood I’m in. I have jewelry that’s funky, artsy, romantic, and ethnic, inexpensive, expensive and so on. I can go from the ultra conservative to the wild and funky from one day to the next.

Most folks get dressed and decide which jewelry compliments the garment. I recently spoke with my jewelry mentor, (yes, I actually have a friend who influenced me many years ago with this madness) and she agreed with me that many times we decide which jewelry we will wear and then let that determine which garment blends with the jewelry. This bosom jewelry fiend also has a wide range in jewelry tastes, but loves to purchase her prize pieces at pawnshops. I could never get into the pawnshop vibe. When I’m in a pawnshop, I feel overwhelmed. They always seem to have so much stock.

So yes, I recently went back to purchasing jewelry. I didn’t quite make it through 12 whole months of abstaining, but seven months was a record for me. “What had happen was,” I went bonkers over jet black, crystal jewelry. It all started with a purchase of a lovely vintage, black, brocade dress from fashion stylist, Joan Van Hees at the Fort Greene flea market. Because of the draping neckline, Joan suggested that the dress was probably worn with a broach.

I was able to find a perfect broach after combing through dozens to choose from all around the market. I choose a jet, black, vintage crystal broach, because I wanted something that blended with the garment instead of contrasting. But the reflection from the black jet beads was just magical. I became fascinated by jet black crystals and then I found they can be purchased so cheaply on ebay. My goodness, help me! On ebay the jet black jewelry can be had for half of what it cost at the flea market. Who knew! And all this, after I swore I didn’t even like ebay!

Well enough is enough. I’ve done my regular and gone overboard. Purchasing jewelry is one clear way my obsessive-compulsive nature, rears its ugly head. I need help. If you can relate, please help a sister out. I need to get back up on that wagon.

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  1. Finally I've figured out how to post on your blog!!!

    Well, as one from whom you buy jewelry for your store, and who myself have a large collection, I don't think there IS a cure, is there? Other than just letting yourself do it! I guess I'm not a good person to ask about this! I've recently started doing semiprecious stone chains that can be wraped around the hair and locks, Grecian style with green onyx, baby pearls, black onyx etc in red (rose) Caribbean gold. My point is, rather than slowing down my jewelry obsession, I've found another way to adorn the body!

    So sorry, Anu, I think I am part of the problem, not the solution :o)

    Hatshepsut Pakeman-Symister
    Amaka Jewelry & Accessories